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Navigate the biggest decision points in high school with confidence 

In Sophomore year, big decisions multiply. You have to decide on the academic and extracurricular direction that will set you up for the all-important Junior year. We're here to help you make those key decisions strategically.





Our Sophomore Year College Consulting Services

In Sophomore year, the branches of a student's application narrative begin to grow. Our work focuses on continuing to provide strategic advice to families while strategically honing our students' engagement in and outside the classroom.  

Sophomore Year services focus on: 

  • “Pruning” the extracurricular tree and ensuring the student is focusing their efforts on the most meaningful and strategically impactful extracurriculars.
  • Taking next-steps with college research, including planning school/virtual tours, and learning about majors and academic programs. Getting closer to a preliminary school list.
  • Helping to make important course-planning decisions for Junior year informed by an appreciation for rigor and a continued commitment to preserving mental health and “staying power.”
  • Making a test-taking plan and connecting with any prep services needed. 
  • Auditing course rigor and assessing whether the student is on track for admissions goals and college list.
  • Evaluating summer programs and "pay to play" opportunities.

By Sophomore year, you've settled into high school — but this is where the really important decisions are made, ones that dictate how you'll spend the next two years of high school. Our goal is to help you make the best decisions in view of a broader application strategy.

Want to know more about our approach to college admissions? Take a look at our philosophy about college admissions. Our team page is also a great resource to meet the faces of Sierra and learn a bit more about what makes us special. Or if you have specific questions about our work, methodology, or logistics, our FAQ page is a great place to start.

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"Couldn't be happier."

We’ve worked with Alex for four years and have had nothing but an amazing experience throughout. Our son did his applications with Alex and got into Brown, so we asked him to work with our daughter. In junior/senior year he helped my daughter build a school list and coached her through writing essays that were as amazing and personal as our son’s. She's now at Bowdoin. Couldn't be happier.

Jian B., Sierra Admissions Client (21-22')

"Truly gifted writing coaches."

We hired Sierra Admissions to help my son research what he wanted to study in school. Alex helped him land an amazing research position and brought my husband and me up to speed on the admissions process. Alex has become a mentor to Ken. They know the college process in and out and are truly gifted writing coaches. We recommend Sierra Admissions to everyone.

Kerry H., Sierra Admissions Client (20-21')

"Great result."

Our sophomore needed help thinking about career & major. Set up meetings twice a month and were ready to go by senior year. Brown BS/MD great result!

Hanish L., Sierra Admissions Client (21-22')

"Helped me brainstorm an essay I loved."

I like writing but the college essays are so weird. I had never really written a personal essay but Alex broke it down and helped me brainstorm an essay I loved.

Lily S., Georgetown University '26